único in Koreaans

adj. 유일한, 무이한


The credential cards, similar in make-up to credit cards and difficult to forge, are issued by ASCorp when the Guichet Unico has completed its investigation.
Uitspraak Uitspraak
The Guichet Unico and the credential system
Uitspraak Uitspraak
Entities providing railway services on the basis of a concession pursuant to Article 10 of Regio Decreto 9 maggio 1912, n. 1447, che approva il Testo unico delle disposizioni di legge per le ferrovie concesse all'Industria privata, le tramvie a trazione meccanica e gli automobili.
Uitspraak Uitspraak


1. extraordinario: excelente, magnífico, insuperable, inmejorable, sublime, ideal
2. singular: solo, exclusivo, uno, unitario, unidad, mero

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