permanente in Duits

n. dauerwelle, krause
adj. dauernd, bleibend, ständig, nichtflüchtig, stehend, unkündbar, ortsfest, permanent


Efficacy of Prevenar against AOM was assessed as a secondary endpoint in the Kaiser Permanente trial.
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Efficacy against invasive disease was assessed in a large-scale randomised, double-blind, clinical trial in a multiethnic population in Northern California (Kaiser Permanente trial).
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He completed his Internship and Residency at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, and Fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the University of California, San Diego.
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In the Kaiser Permanente trial, efficacy was 87.5% (95% CI:
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Kaiser Permanente is the largest HMO in the country.
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Kaiser Permanente in Bellflower hospital had put her in a cab and directed them to bring her to this drop-off point.
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She began her career as a registered nurse for Kaiser Permanente and before earning a graduate degree from the Institute of Medical Herbalism.
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Y eah, you're that guy that works with Kaiser Permanente.
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1. eterno: perenne, perpetuo, continuo
2. duraturo: durevole, stabile, fisso
3. incancellabile: indelebile, indimenticabile
4. ondulazione: arricciatura