dash in Vietnamees

n. sự đụng, chạm, một giọt rượu, chút ít, thêm chút xíu, nét thêm vào, viết lẹ, đường gạch ở đầu hàng, sự công kích, tấn công thình lình, nhảy vọt tới, sự tiến xuống, sự hăn hở, tính hăng hái, làm mặt bảnh, xông vào
v. làm đụng, chạm nhau, ném mạnh, đập bể, đụng vào, thêm một chút, sặc sở, bối rối, thất vọng, thán từ dùng để nguyền rũa, làm văng lên


Despite this, the reindeer dared not retrace its steps. It galloped on, and made it in one dash, right to the bush with the red berries.
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The little runner dashed up the porch steps.
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The child would dash off, sitting straight, firm, and rigid in the saddle, and the count would follow him, with a look full of pride and contentment.
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He was dashed--first against one wall, then against the other; he sank to the floor, and lay there--senseless.
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The otter tumbled backward into the water, and dashed away as if he had been a blind kitten.
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They dashed forward in a long row, without any apparent order.
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There are small points, and small inlets, and small rolling stones that are rattlingly washed up and down with every dashing breaker.
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Then Smirre made a dash for the boy.
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A few lasses of ten to fourteen were chatting in a group. Bizco, Vidal and the rest of the gang gave chase to them around the patio. The girls, half naked, dashed off, shrieking and shouting insults.
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Ah, the fine cowboy! Seeing him again on the ranch, he admired the dash of the good looking youth, testing his muscles in order to convince himself of their strength,
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1. flourish: show, elan, splendour, spirit, vigour
2. drop: bit, little, hint, scattering, pinch, grain, smack
3. spurt: plunge, sortie, rush
4. line: smoke, score
5. race
6. hit: break, splash, bludgeon, splatter, shatter, strike, thrust
7. mix: adulterate, deteriorate, mingle
8. rush: bolt, race, dart, speed, fly, hurry

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