profitableness in Roemeens

n. caracter profitabil


The increased electric power consumption results in reduction of the oil production profitableness.
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For this company the PET manufacturing means reaching the new level of profitability, obtaining new revenues, because PET is a product, widely demanded on Russian market and it provides high level of profitableness.
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Now they are able to count the cost of credits and profitableness of bank deposits.
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Commitment of the workers with the company: Everything we do is done to contribute with our company's profitableness.
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Profitableness of fund has made 42.5 %!
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the quality of affording gain or benefit or profit: gainfulness, profit, profitability, gain, lucrativeness
the quality of being encouraging or promising of a successful outcome: positiveness, vantage, propitiousness, advantage, advantageousness, favorableness, auspiciousness, positivity, favourableness