habitation in Pools

n. mieszkanie, zamieszkiwanie, siedlisko


Simple notices, stating the intended dates of the spraying, placed close to human habitation in the areas at risk, may be all that is needed.
Być może wszystkim, co jest potrzebne, są zwykłe ogłoszenia, mówiące o terminie dokonywania oprysków w pobliżu miejsc zamieszkania ludności w obszarach narażonych.
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the act of dwelling in or living permanently in a place (said of both animals and men): encampment, camping, inhabitancy, inhabitation, bivouacking, cohabitation, occupancy, tenting, tenancy
housing that someone is living in: vacation home, dwelling house, dwelling, lake dwelling, sleeping accommodation, house, semi-detached house, fireside, bath, lodging, bedroom, home, pile dwelling, living accommodations, bathroom, housing, bedchamber, domicile, parlor, dinette, indian lodge, dining-room, front room, lodge, kitchen, family room, abode, hermitage, yurt, living room, dressing room, living-room, cliff dwelling, fixer-upper, condo, messuage, homestead, hearth, sleeping room, chamber, condominium, den, sitting room, parlour, dining room
the native habitat or home of an animal or plant: lair, habitat, home ground, eyrie, eyry, den, aerie, aery

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