simple in Indonesisch

n. rakyat jelata, miskin: orang miskin
a. mudah, gampang, tunggal, sederhana, sahaja, bersahaja, lugas, lugu, naif, lurus, lurus hati, dungu, biasa, mutlak


It is written in simple English.
Itu ditulis dengan menggunakan bahasa Inggris sederhana.
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Let's make this simple.
Mari kita menyederhanakannya.
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having few parts; not complex or complicated or involved: complexness, unsubdivided, plain, unanalyzable, simplistic, complexity, simplex, easy, unsophisticated, uncomplicated, undecomposable
lacking subtlety and insight: naive, naif
easy and not involved or complicated: elementary, unproblematic, uncomplicated, easy
apart from anything else; without additions or modifications: plain, bare, mere
exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity: naive, wide-eyed, childlike, naif, dewy-eyed, round-eyed
lacking mental capacity and subtlety: dim-witted, simple-minded, retarded
any herbaceous plant having medicinal properties: herb, herbaceous plant