soft in Hindi

a. कोमल, मुलायम, विनम्र, गुदगुदा, मख़मली, धीमा, मंद, शांत, नरम, ढीला, अति भावुक, मृदु, अमादक, दयालु


Do you have any soft drinks?
तुम्हारे पास कोक-शोक है क्या?
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Could I be going soft in the head? I forget things so easily these days.
शायद मैं सटिया गया हूँ। आजकल चीज़ें इतनी आसानी से भूल जाता हूँ।
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Tadashi has a soft voice.
तादाशी की आवाज़ बहुत हल्की है।
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She spoke in soft tones.
उसने नर्म आवाज़ में बोला।
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It is soft.
मुलायम है।
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yielding readily to pressure or weight: wooly, napped, fluffy, woolly, padded, salving, squishy, velvety, squeezable, flossy, flaccid, velvet, softening, flocculent, emollient, overstuffed, semisoft, downy, cushiony, demulcent, compressible, spongy, downlike, brushed, hardness, squashy, cheeselike, mushy, yielding, cushioned, cottony, spongelike, fleecy, softish
compassionate and kind; conciliatory: tender, mellow, warmhearted
(of sound) relatively low in volume: murmuring, rustling, soft-spoken, gentle, intensity, whispering, little, muted, hushed, low, susurrant, susurrous, euphonious, murmurous, low-toned, muffled, volume, softened, soughing, dull, subdued, quiet, soft-footed, small, loudness
easily hurt: tender, delicate, untoughened
in a relaxed manner; or without hardship: easy
not brilliant or glaring: subdued, dull
mild and pleasant: mild, clement, balmy