profession in Hindi

n. व्यापार, व्यवसाय, नियुक्ति, प्रतिज्ञा, घोषणा, स्वीकार, धार्मिक संस्था


Teaching English is his profession.
अंग्रेज़ी पढ़ाना उसका पेशा है।
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the body of people in a learned occupation: community of scholars, bar, occupational group, business community, priesthood, economics profession, legal profession, businessmen, health profession, vocation, legal community
an occupation requiring special education (especially in the liberal arts or sciences): literature, business, journalism, line of work, engineering, job, architecture, technology, politics, line, education, learned profession, occupation
an open avowal (true or false) of some belief or opinion: avouchment, affirmation, avowal, professing
affirmation of acceptance of some religion or faith: affirmation

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