honour in Hindi

n. संमान, आदर, पूजा, सत्कार, कीर्ति, शर्म
v. प्रतिष्ठा करना, संमानित करना, भुगतान करना


I thought you were a man of honor.
मैं सोचता था कि तुम एक इज्जतदार आदमी हो।
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the state of being honored: standing, glory, celebrity, regard, fame, repute, renown, reputation, esteem, laurels, respect, honor, glorification
bestow honor or rewards upon: toast, drink, ennoble, pledge, dignify, wassail, decorate, recognise, recognize, reward, honor, salute
a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction: letter, citation, crown, decoration, aliyah, seal, ribbon, laurel wreath, commendation, Emmy, Nobel prize, Oscar, honorable mention, Academy Award, Prix de Rome, varsity letter, degree, symbol, award, mention, medallion, medal, seal of approval, trophy, prize, laurels, Prix Goncourt, accolade, academic degree, pennant, cachet, palm, honor
accept as pay: have, honor, accept, take
the quality of being honorable and having a good name: righteousness, honor
show respect towards: tolerate, accept, observe, lionise, abide by, lionize, respect, honor, celebrate
a woman's virtue or chastity: pureness, purity, sexual morality, chastity, honor, virtue

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