call for in Hindi

v. मांगना, आवश्यक होना, दरकार होना, आ मिलना, पहले से निश्‍िचत करना


The situation calls for drastic measures.
इस परिस्थिति में कठोर कदम उठाने होंगे।
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He called for another glass of beer.
उसने और एक दारु की ग्लास मंगवाई.
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express the need or desire for; ask for: take out, claim, tap, pass, apply, ask out, ask round, invite out, arrogate, book, call, solicit, bespeak, appeal, petition, invite, invoke, put across, lay claim, communicate, excuse, quest, demand, ask, hold, desire, ask over, beg off, challenge, request, beg, encore, pass along, supplicate, reserve, order, pass on, ask in
require as useful, just, or proper: draw, govern, claim, require, cry for, compel, necessitate, involve, need, cost, take, demand, ask, postulate, exact, cry out for
request the participation or presence of: bespeak, quest, request, invite
gather or collect: pick up, get, acquire, gather up, collect