brute in Engels

adj. of or pertaining to a beast, animal; savage; cruel; severe; coarse; physical
n. beast, animal; savage, cruel person
n. Brutus, administrator in ancient Rome, one of the assassins of Julius Caesar


"I will soon seize you," said the brute.
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I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable.
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They give us an impression of sheer brute force, and we revolt against that.
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He was a most offensive brute, though he had an extraordinary passion for Shakespeare.
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Because he's a brute. Let him go off to his old fox, Dolores. You and I can go to the theatre every night.
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To Manuel, a man's superiority consisted in his talent, and, above all, in his cunning; to Bizco, courage and strength constituted the sole enviable qualities; the greatest merit of all was to be a real brute, as he would declare with enthusiasm.
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The pigs, the sheep and the chickens were all tearing along mingled with the cats and the dogs. All the domestic animals were returning to a brute existence, fleeing from civilized man.
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They considered events with bull fight criteria. The Germans were the ones that hit harder. "You can't fool with them! They are fine brutes!" And they appeared to admire brutishness as the most respectable virtue.
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"Do you hear, you dull-witted brute?" cried Ivan Dmitritch, and he banged on the door with his fist.
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"Get away, dirty brute!" she said in a hoarse voice.
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1. savage: brutal, cruel
2. brutish: animal, irrational, unreasoning
3. carnal: sensual
4. beast: animal, mammal, quadruped, creature
5. barbarian: ruffian, hun, savage
6. monster: beast, freak, degenerate