terseness in Duits

n. Kürze


The panic had caused many love-affairs to be forgotten, had broken off long intimacies, but Marguerite's temperament was above such incoherencies from mere flight. Julio felt that her terseness was very ominous.
Uitspraak Uitspraak
On the other, in each of the spacious, unadorned sepulchres, great quantities of soldiers, with a number of terrifying terseness.
Uitspraak Uitspraak
Today I note that Europe has been obliterated, as spectacularly indicated, Mr Marín, by the terseness of your remarks earlier.
Uitspraak Uitspraak
Jeffrey's calling for you... the terseness of Kraft and the grim lines of Jim McDivitt.
Uitspraak Uitspraak


abruptness: hastiness, brevity, shortness

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